Why Deteriorating Flashing Means Trouble for Your Roof

Why Deteriorating Flashing Means Trouble for Your Roof

Roof shingles in Redmond might be what you see from afar, but there are other roofing materials that help keep the whole fixture intact and working. Each element of the roofing system needs a little bit of maintenance to keep your home dry, comfortable, and healthy. Flashing might be the unsung hero of the roofing system, as it plays an important role but isn’t always recognized for its efforts. Without efficient flashing, your roof won’t be able to fully protect your home from the elements. Here’s a look at why deteriorating flashing means trouble for your roof.

Your roof isn’t just one continuous, solid piece. Instead there are joints where different segments meet, and these joints need to be covered in order to keep water out of your house. Flashing is a piece of metal that covers the joints and keeps water out. Without flashing, it would be easy for rainwater to seep directly into your home through the cracks and gaps in your roofing system. Excess moisture in the attic can leave water spots on the ceilings and water damage or even mold in your home. Flashing protects you from the hazards that come with these problems by keeping water outside.

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