Spotlight: Inspecting Your Roof Periodically

Regardless of whether you just put a new roof on your home or your roof is almost ready to be replaced, you should have roofing contractors come and inspect it periodically to make sure important repairs don’t need to be made. B & J Roofing Inc. can take a look at your roofing near Redmond and tell you if there are any issues with it.

From the ground, your roofing might look OK, but there could be plenty of potential problems with it. Attic intake vents may be blocked, shingles may be loose or broken, and you could even have damage to flashings and gutters. These are relatively minor issues, but they can turn into big problems if you don’t have roofing contractors take care of them. Doing something as simple as replacing a few roofing shingles could help your roof last longer. When you call on B & J Roofing Inc. to do a roof inspection, you will sleep better at night knowing your roof is in great condition.

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