Roof Cleaning & Maintenance

Home maintenance is an investment in the value, appearance, and integrity of your property throughout the years. Your roof needs regular cleaning and care to ensure it not only looks its best, but also performs flawlessly every season. B & J Roofing can help you with all your roofing needs, including roof inspections, roof maintenance, and roof cleaning in Redmond. We’ll work with you to keep your roof in great shape with professional cleaning and care to maintain the appearance of your roof and prevent major problems from leading to premature roof replacement.

Why You Should Leave Roof Care to a Professional


Professional roof cleaning and care is the very best way to ensure your roof looks and performs its best for your home as long as possible.

  • Accessing your roof safely and comfortably is difficult or even impossible without the right equipment. Furthermore, some roofing materials can easily sustain damage if you walk on them without the right shoes or the right techniques. Your roofing professional will ensure that roof maintenance never does more harm than good and never puts you or your family at risk for injury.
  • Professional roofing contractors can complete a thorough roofing inspection and perform proper roof cleaning quickly and at low cost. Rather than spending time checking your roof yourself or trying to learn how to use the right equipment, you’ll save both time and money by hiring a roofer to handle these services.
  • Homeowners often try to lower home maintenance costs by making their own roof repairs. However, improper repairs can lead to larger problems that ultimately cost more money when you must hire a roofer to correct your mistakes. Working with a roofer from the start to handle maintenance, cleaning, and repairs is the best way to ensure your roof is repaired completely and properly the first time.

Roof Maintenance Basics

Proper roof maintenance begins with a thorough roof inspection. This inspection will identify any current or potential problem areas that may need attention or monitoring. By spotting and addressing problems early, you’ll save money and avoid extensive damage associated with severe roofing problems. Next, your roofers will make any necessary roof repairs and clean your roof and gutter system to remove dirt, mildew, and other debris.

If more extensive repairs are needed or larger concerns exist, your roofer will discuss these points with you to help you make the right choice for the future of your roof.

Is it time for your next home inspection or roof cleaning near Redmond? Please call B & J Roofing today at (425) 868-1818 to make an appointment or request a free estimate for roof repair.

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