Cedar Roof Maintenance 101

Your roofing is among the most important structural features of your home. When you plan a roof replacement, or build a brand new roof for your home, it is essential to choose roofing materials that are both stylish and durable. A cedar shake roof is among the most versatile types of roofing that you can choose for your home. With a new cedar shake roof from a company offering roofing materials in Redmond, you are sure to be delighted at the function and style of your new roof. In order to keep your cedar roof in great condition, you will need to perform routine maintenance procedures. Here is a look at some of the basics of cedar roof maintenance.

Roof Maintenance

Ensure Proper Installation

When you are placing a new cedar shake roof on your home, you will want to make sure that your roofing contractor uses proper installation procedures. In order to fully adhere to your roof, your cedar shingles will be placed on a material that is known as felt. While felt provides a valuable layer of protection between your shingles and your roof, the felt will need to be properly installed in order to prevent any type of damage.

Avoid Unnecessary Sealing or Staining

Along with making sure that your roof is properly installed, you will also want to make sure that you avoid any unnecessary sealing or staining. While a stain will add curb appeal to your cedar shake roof, a stain is not needed to protect the cedar against the elements. In addition, a seal on your cedar shake roof can actually cause the roofing materials to decompose more quickly.

Clean on a Regular Basis

In order to help your cedar shake roof last for as long as possible, you will want to clean your roof on a regular basis. Your roofing contractor will be able to help you set up a cleaning and maintenance plan that will keep your cedar in fantastic condition. When you take the time to remove moss, leaves, and other forms of debris from your roof, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful roof for many decades to come.