• Our 20-Year Workmanship Warranty

    Not all roofing contractors near Redmond are equally concerned with how a roof holds up when the job is done. At B & J Roofing , we want to make sure that you get to enjoy your roof for as long as possible; this is why we offer warranties on our work. A warranty indicates that the roofing contractors you have chosen are confident in their abilities and will stand by their work, whether it’s on a metal roof or a cedar shake roof. Feel free to take a look ahead to learn more about the 20-year workmanship warranty that we offer at B & J Roofing Inc.

    Spending your hard-earned money on a reroofing project only to find a year later that your shingles are in shambles can be frustrating. The team at B & J Roofing guarantees its work with a 20-year workmanship warranty. This isn’t just because of the confidence we have in our abilities and the pride we take in our work; it’s also so you can enjoy peace of mind when you work with our company. You can even transfer our workmanship warranty one time. Inquire about our material warranties to learn more about our coverage.

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  • The Answers to Your Questions About Replacing Your Roof

    When your roof shingles indicate that the whole unit is beyond repair, it’s time to think about roof replacement near Redmond. Certain signs will let you know that a roof replacement is in order, and there are many good reasons to have one done. You should also know if your new roof comes with a warranty, and if it does, you should know how to get the most out of it. Keep reading on for some of the answers to your questions about replacing your roof. Roof - Replacement

    How do I know if I need replacement?

    Sometimes it’s obvious to you that you need to replace your roof, and sometimes it’s even obvious to the rest of your neighborhood as well. A roof should last for years as long as it’s properly maintained, but there are always going to be factors that are out of your control. A serious storm could cause damage to your shingles or even tear a roof right off of your home, but there are a few more subtle signs that it’s time for replacement as well. If your roof is a few decades old, consider thinking about replacement. Valleys in your roof can also cause water to pool and lead to leaks.

    What are the benefits?

    A roof replacement is one of many upgrades that you can make to your home that will improve its value and the comfort of your home in general. Investing in a new roof stands to make your home more efficient, better able to stand up to wind, rain, and other elements. If you’re already dealing with leaks, a roof replacement will take care of these as well. In terms of aesthetics, you can count on your new roof to improve your curb appeal.

    Will my roof come with a warranty?

    It’s not unusual to find a roof replacement that comes with a warranty, but you are responsible for protecting the validity of this guarantee. Avoid making any DIY repairs on your roof so that you can keep your warranty valid, and work with a professional to keep up with regular roof maintenance.

  • A Closer Look at Fascia and Soffit Repairs

    To some people a roof in Redmond is just the top part of the house that protects the interior. To a roof inspection professional, a roof is a combination of different elements that allow it to function properly. The fascia and soffit are 2 aspects of the roof that the average person may not be familiar with, but understanding these components and the problems that may affect them can help you maintain your investment. When you do notice signs of a problem, call your repair professional for help . Read on to take a closer look at fascia and soffit repairs. Installing - Roofing

    What These Components Are

    If you don’t know much about roofing, you might think the fascia and soffit are some kinds of medical terms. Don’t worry, however: these terms refer to parts of the roof that anyone could recognize. When you take a look at the gutters attached to your house, you’re looking at the fascia of your roof as well. This is the component that protects the rest of your roof from potential water damage, and you can find it right where your gutter and your house meet. The soffit is essentially the ceiling of the roof; if you look at any overhanging area of the roof, the soffit is the underside.

    Problems to Look Out For

    Since the fascia is responsible for protecting the wooden board of your roof from the elements, you might suspect a fascia problem if you notice water damage. Weather conditions can be seriously hazardous for your roof and home in certain areas, so you’ll want to have this issue addressed. The soffit, which is often wooden, is exposed to the elements; however, it’s typically pests and rotting that you will have to watch out for.

    How to Have Them Repaired

    Working on a roof is a dangerous feat in general for the common homeowner, and repairing the fascia or soffit will require some extra specialized knowledge. If you suspect that you have a problem with either of these components of the home, call your roof repair professional for help restoring these elements.

  • The Impressive Fire Resistance of Synthetic Shake

    A house fire can be devastating to your roof in Bellevue, and the type of roofing materials that are used can make an important difference. If you want to protect your roofing shingles and your home itself, synthetic shake may be the way to go. Take a look at this video clip to preview the impressive fire resistance of synthetic shake roofs.

    Compared to other types of roofing, synthetic shake tends to hold up exponentially better when there’s a fire. A fire may slowly spread across a typical roof until it has become completely enveloped and destroyed, but synthetic shake does a great job of containing the flames. It does such a good job of containing them, in fact, that it can put them out entirely. This type of roofing material can be a safer choice for your family, make your home more valuable, and still increase your curb appeal.