• Handling a Roof Leak

    A roof leak is a serious situation for any homeowner. When you find the signs of a leak in your roofing, you will want to contact your roofers serving Redmond right away. Your roofing contractors will use tried and true methods to diagnose and repair your roof leak. For example, your roof leak repair will begin with a full assessment of the cause and location of the damage. Once your roof leak has been fully assessed, your roofers will be ready to repair your roof leak and restore your roofing materials to safe condition. After your roof leak has been fixed, you can rest assured that your home is protected from water damage. To learn more about the process of handling a roof leak, check out this video from Angie’s List.

  • Commercial: Understanding the Basics of Flat Roofs

    When you are seeking a roofing option for your commercial property , you may want to explore the advantages of flat roofs. Unlike sloped roofs, which are pitched at an angle to the ground, flat roofs are perfectly horizontal. There are several reasons to choose a flat roof when you are setting up a roof replacement near Redmond. For example, since flat roofs have level surfaces, they are very easy to inspect. In addition, a flat roof is much easier to install and repair than a pitched roof. A company that offers flat roof repair in your local area will be able to address any roofing issues with total ease. A final benefit of a flat roof is that this type of roof can be easily modified to provide your company with eco-friendly advantages, such as a rooftop garden or solar panels. With the help of a qualified roofing company near you, you will be able to design the perfect flat roof for your building.

    flat - roof

  • The Benefits of a Cedar Shake Roof

    If you are gearing up for a roof replacement for your home, you may want to consider installing a new cedar shake roof . Cedar shake roofing materials are incredibly durable, and will also provide your property with incredible beauty and appeal. To get the most out of your cedar roof installation, it is a great idea to work with top rated roofing contractors near Redmond. Your roofing professionals can answer all of the questions that you may have about roofing materials, and they can also design and install the quality roof of your dreams. Read on for an overview of some of the fantastic benefits of a cedar shake roof. cedar - roof - installation

    Weather Resistance

    One of the top benefits of a cedar shake roof is that this type of roofing is incredibly resistant to damage from weather and the elements. Cedar contains unique natural properties that make this type of wood incredibly weather resistant. Even if your roof is exposed to intense UV rays, extreme cold, or harsh rains, your cedar shakes will remain intact.

    Easy Installation

    Along with being incredibly resistant to damage from the weather, cedar shake is also very easy to install. Since cedar has a fine, straight grain, this type of wood will be easy for your roofer to saw into the appropriate shake pattern. Additionally, you can also choose pre shaped shakes that have already been formed. When you choose a cedar shake roof for your home, your new roof will be ready in no time.

    Architectural Appeal

    A final benefit of a cedar shake roof is that this type of roofing will add dramatic curb appeal to your property. As you are creating your custom cedar shake roof design, you will have the option of selecting a variety of stains and finishes for your new roof. Whether you are seeking a rustic roof, or would like to have a new roof that is more refined in appearance, cedar shake can be adapted to match your requirements.

  • How to Keep Your Roof in Good Shape

    Your roof is among the most important structural components of your home. When you schedule a roof replacement for your property, you will want to take all of the measures necessary to keep your roofing materials in great shape for many years to come. Fortunately, roofers serving Redmond can provide you with the routine maintenance and inspection procedures that are needed to protect your roof from damage and premature wear. If you are wondering whether it is time to schedule roof maintenance for your home, here is a look at some tips for keeping your roof in good shape. Man Working on Roof with Screwdriver

    Clean Your Gutters

    When you are maintaining your roof, you may want to start by cleaning your gutters. Your gutters are designed to keep water safely away from the shingles and other materials on your roof. If your gutters become clogged, your roof could experience water damage. Over time, a water damaged roof may begin to leak into your interior spaces. A roofer can help you keep your gutters clean, even during the fall season.

    Choose Proper Ventilation

    As you are embarking on a roof replacement, you will want to make sure that your roofing materials are properly ventilated. When a roof does not have the right level of ventilation, the shingles may begin to curl, crack, or fall away. In order to create ventilation for your roof, you may need to install ductwork or fans in your attic space. Your roofing team can answer any questions that you may have about roof ventilation.

    Perform Routine Inspections

    A final method for maintaining your roof is to perform inspections at routine intervals. For example, at least once a month, it is a good idea to look at your roof from the ground using a pair of binoculars. If you see any signs of broken shingles, sagging, or other structural issues, you will want to contact your roofer right away. With early detection, you can solve roofing problems before they become more serious.