• Roof Cleaning 101 – Contacting A Professional

    If your roofing is still too new to replace but it looks like an eyesore, you should think about having it cleaned professionally. Roof cleaning in Redmond can remove algae and other debris from your roof and make it look its best. Watch this video to see how roof cleaning can be beneficial for you.

    Cleaning your roof on your own with a DIY kit might be tempting, but maintaining your roofing is a job that should be left to a company that knows how to get roofing shingles as clean as possible. Steer clear of companies that want to use power washers to get your roof clean, as this method can actually do more harm than good. Hire a company you trust, and make sure you ask lots of questions before your roof cleaning begins.

  • A Homeowner’s Guide to Roof Cleaning Services

    By cleaning your home’s roofing on a regular basis, you can improve the look of it and make it last longer. You don’t need to have cleaning done every single year, but by having roof cleaning in Redmond done every 10 years or so, you can keep algae from growing on it. You should steer clear of trying to clean your roof yourself and hire a professional roof cleaning service to help you. Here are the steps you should take to get your roof cleaned. roof cleaning in redmond, wa

    Reach out to a roof cleaning expert to get the job done.

    While there are do-it-yourself roof cleaning kits available, you should never attempt to use one to clean your roofing. These kits often contain harmful chemicals that can cause your roof to deteriorate over time. Instead, call on a roof cleaning company with the knowledge and experience that it takes to get a roof completely clean. Ask the company how they plan to go about cleaning your roofing shingles before they get started.

    Find a company that will offer the best price for your roof cleaning.

    You don’t necessarily want to go with a company simply because they offer you the lowest price, but you should consider costs when cleaning your roof. Roof cleaning companies will typically charge somewhere between $200 and $1,000 to clean a roof, depending on the size of a home. Think about how much roof replacement would cost you before you decide to pay for a roof cleaning. Cleaning is a great option and can save you money, but a total roof replacement might benefit you as well.

    Reap the benefits of roof cleaning.

    The most obvious benefit of having your roofing cleaned is that your home will look better when it’s done. Roof cleaners can get rid of unsightly stains and make your roofing look new again. You can also save money on your energy bills every month since algae retains heat and causes your air conditioning to work harder to cool your home. These are just some of the benefits of having a roof cleaning done.

  • Spotlight: Inspecting Your Roof Periodically

    Regardless of whether you just put a new roof on your home or your roof is almost ready to be replaced, you should have roofing contractors come and inspect it periodically to make sure important repairs don’t need to be made. B & J Roofing Inc. can take a look at your roofing near Redmond and tell you if there are any issues with it.

    From the ground, your roofing might look OK, but there could be plenty of potential problems with it. Attic intake vents may be blocked, shingles may be loose or broken, and you could even have damage to flashings and gutters. These are relatively minor issues, but they can turn into big problems if you don’t have roofing contractors take care of them. Doing something as simple as replacing a few roofing shingles could help your roof last longer. When you call on B & J Roofing Inc. to do a roof inspection, you will sleep better at night knowing your roof is in great condition.

    roof inspection in redmond, wa

  • Identifying the Advantages of Slate Roofing

    If you are thinking about putting a new roof on your home, you are probably trying to decide which roofing materials would look best. There are many options for homeowners interested in putting roofing on their homes, but you should seriously consider using slate roofing in Redmond to get the job done. Slate roofing can be a little more costly than other roofing materials and is difficult to install, but it will be well worth it in the end. Read on to check out the advantages of slate roofing. roofing materials in redmond, wa


    Of all the roof types available, slate is one of the most attractive to homeowners. It comes in a wide range of colors, including gray, green, red, black, and more, and is regarded as one of the most beautiful roofing materials by many people. You will absolutely love the way that your home looks when slate roofing is added to it.


    Most roofs need to be replaced every 10 to 20 years. Slate roofing is different. While the total life expectancy of a slate roof depends on how well you maintain it, there are some slate roofs that have lasted more than a century before needing to be replaced. So even if you have to pay a little more for slate roofing than other roof types, you will reap the benefits of it when your slate roofing lasts longer than almost any other type of roofing.

    Fire Resistance

    You may not associate your roofing materials with being fire resistant, because most roof types are not able to withstand a fire. Slate roofing can, because slate tiles are fire resistant. This means that if you ever have a fire in your home, you won’t have to worry about the roof going up in flames quickly.


    Studies have shown that about five percent of America’s waste is made up of roofing materials that are removed from homes and taken to landfills every year. Part of the reason for this is that asphalt roofing shingles need to be replaced every 20 years or so. Slate roofing lasts longer and, therefore, creates less waste overall.