• Causes and Solutions for Granule Loss

    Shingles make for common roofing materials in Bellevue, and many of the advantages that they offer are due to granules. Granules help protect roof shingles—and the homes they cover—from threats like fire and ultraviolet rays. While some level of granule loss is normal, too much loss can be a sign of a real problem and may suggest that it is time for roof repair . You might experience extra granule loss when your asphalt shingles start to near the end of their working lives or after walking on your roof too much during inspections or repairs. Here is a closer look at some of the causes and solutions for granule loss from shingles. granule - loss

    Normal Granule Loss

    No matter how well you maintain your roof, it is going to be exposed to normal wear and tear at some point. It is also common to experience some granule loss when you have a new roof installed. Roof installation is an extensive and involved project, so some of the granules on your shingles will likely fall off during the process. This is nothing to worry about and doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with your roof. If you are experiencing excessive granule loss during or shortly after roofing installation, talk to your roofing contractor to find out why so much of the material is shaking off.

    Old Asphalt

    Even the most durable roofs probably won’t hold their original appearance throughout their entire working lives. If you had an asphalt roof installed years and years ago, it may be losing granules due to its age. Granules protect the roof from overexposure to the sun, rain, and other weather elements, but they will only work for so long. Be sure to have your roofing specialist take a look to find out if it’s time for a roofing replacement.

    Damage from Walking

    Walking on your roof too frequently can also lead to granule loss. The friction between your shoes and the shingles can knock the granules off, so be careful when you’re on your roof and only go up there when it is necessary.

  • Important: What to Expect During Your Roof Replacement

    If you take a look at your cedar shake roof and decide that it’s time for a roof replacement near Redmond , there are some factors that you should consider. First, you should talk to your roofing contractor and schedule an inspection and consultation to find out if roof replacement is indeed the service that you need. If it is, you can then work together to come up with a design for your roof, and the professionals will take down your existing roof and begin to install your new one. Be sure to take this time to discuss your drainage options so you can avoid problems like mold growth and water damage. Continue reading to see what to expect during your roof replacement. roof - inspection

    Professional Inspection

    Before you get started with a roof replacement, you should make sure that your existing roof is beyond repair. This can be a difficult judgement call to make if you are not experienced in the roofing industry, so call your professional contractor for an evaluation. If he or she determines that your current roof is at or nearing the end of its working life, it’s probably time to start talking about what you want your replacement to look like.

    Design and Installation

    From color schemes and design elements to the actual materials that go into your roof, there is much to talk about when arranging for a replacement. You can talk to your contractor for advice in deciding what kinds of materials will best suit your needs and those of your family and household. Once you have come up with a design that you are happy with, your contractors can take your old roof off and put the new one up.

    Establishing Proper Drainage

    The way your roof handles moisture is crucial for the sanitation and safety of your home. When your contractors come to handle your roof replacement, be sure to discuss drainage. Proper drainage will remove rainwater from the roof and send it to a safe place where it won’t lead to water damage. Poor drainage can damage your roof and contribute to aesthetic and functional damage.

  • A Closer Look at Malarkey Low Slope Roofing

    The quality of your products can make a huge difference when it comes to roofing materials in Redmond, and Malarkey roofing is a reliable brand that many roofing companies prefer. The wrong kind of roofing materials can take away from your home’s curb appeal and efficiency, so it pays to do your research. Take a look at this video for more information about Malarkey low slope roofing.

    If you like the look of low slope roofing, you’ll need to use roofing materials that are resistant to moisture and the elements. Malarkey is a leading brand for low slope roofing materials, and the business has been providing the roofing industry with premium products for many years. Having a durable and reliable roof is of particular importance when the weather gets harsh, and Malarkey products are designed to handle different types of extremes so you can stay protected.

  • B & J Roofing: A Trustworthy Choice

    The last thing you want to deal with is a problem with your roof in Bellevue, but having a relationship with a reliable roofing company can reduce some of the stress. Broken shingles and leaky roofs can introduce a broad array of issues to your home, so rely on professionals like the team at B & J Roofing for prompt roof repair. Our roofing contractors know the ins and outs of the industry and are dedicated to keeping the roof over your head in top shape. Read ahead to find out why B & J Roofing is such a trustworthy choice.

    You always want to work with trusted professionals when it comes to your roof, and the team at B & J Roofing is happy to be your first choice. We have been taking care of the Bellevue area’s roofing needs for more than 3 and a half decades. Our team is happy to guarantee its work with a workmanship warranty that lasts for 20 years, and we have positive relationships with the industry’s material suppliers. B & J Roofing is fully licensed, insured, and bonded, so you won’t have to worry about any complications. Our expertise and commitment to customer service make us a trustworthy choice.

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