• What Type of Shingle Is Right for Your Home?

    Whether you are installing roofing on a new property, or are considering replacing your existing roof, it is important to work with quality roofing contractors in your local area. Your roofing company can provide you with all of the services that you need to install your new roof, and they will also be able to provide you with top quality roofing shingles. With the right shingles, you can boost the durability and overall style of your new roof. A company offering roofing materials in Redmond can provide you with more information about the types of shingles that are available to you. Read on for a closer look at some handy tips for picking your roofing shingles.


    Compare Dark and Light Colors

    When you are choosing new roofing shingles, you will need to compare both dark and light shingles colors for your roof. Depending on the paint color of your home, dark or light shingles may be a better selection. In addition, lighter colored shingles may help you keep your home cooler during the hottest days of the year.

    Look at Your Brick or Shutters

    If your home has brick features or window shutters, you may want to consider the color and style of these materials when you are choosing new shingles. Ideally, your shingles will perfectly complement the shade and tone of your brick siding. Since shingles are easier to replace than brick materials, you will want to match your shingles to the color of your brick.

    Evaluate Your Exterior Paint Colors

    Finally, you will also want to evaluate the exterior paint colors of your home when you are choosing new shingles. In order to make sure that your shingles match the paint color of your home, you may want to create a small wooden paint sample to use for comparison when you are picking out your shingles. By placing your potential shingles next to a board that is painted the same color as your home, you will be able to find the perfect match.

  • Tips: Protect Your Roofing Investment

    Your roof is responsible for protecting your home for two decades or longer. To make sure that your roof replacement is a total success, you will want to find roofing contractors in your local area that are fully licensed and insured. In the event that you notice that your roof shingles are curling or falling away, you will want to hire roofing contractors near Redmond right away . By repairing or replacing your roof as soon as possible, you can prevent extensive and costly repairs in the future. For a closer look at some more essential tips for protecting your roof, be sure to check out this video from Angie’s List.

  • How to Check for a Roof Leak

    A leaky roof can cause extensive water damage and other problems on your property. If you suspect that your roof may have a leak, it is in your best interest to schedule roof repair immediately. Your roofing contractors can pinpoint the exact location of your roof leak and recommend the best course of repairs. There are several ways that you can check your roof for a leak. When it rains, you may want to check your insulation and celling for signs of dripping water or water damage. Your ceilings may also develop brown or yellow water marks over time. To determine whether your roof has a leak without waiting for a rainstorm, you can also run your garden hose over the surface of your roof. If the running water enters your home, this is a sure sign of a leak. A roofing company near Redmond will be able to provide you with the services you need to repair your leaky roof and restore your roof shingles.


  • Reasons to Clean Your Roof

    Do you want to avoid an expensive roof repair in Redmond? Having your roof regularly cleaned and maintained by professional roof contractors can save you time and money in the long run. Regular roof cleaning and maintenance gets rid of overgrown plants and other debris and can even protect the value of your home.

    Moss, algae, and other debris naturally build up on your roof over time. It can be difficult to notice any overgrowth from your point of view—after all, you spend most of your time with your feet on the ground! However, sneaky overgrowth can create blockages for water flow and diversion. When it rains, these blockages can encourage roof decay and damage, leading to the need for roof repair or replacement. In addition, debris that builds up in your gutters can damage the structure of your roof and your home. If they are not cleaned out regularly, your gutters may need to be repaired or replaced, expenditures that can really add up. Finally, overgrowth on your roof can affect the value of your home. With a clean, well-maintained roof, you can be confident that your home is in its best condition.