Be on the Lookout for These Roofing Issues

The roof is one of the single largest areas of the home. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most neglected. Over time, this neglect can result in major problems that may require extensive roof repair or even complete roof replacement. That’s why homeowners are urged to be on the lookout for roofing issues early so they can detect problems and have them repaired before they get any worse. If you recognize any of these issues, get in touch with a roof repair company in Redmond to inspect your roof and make the necessary repairs.


Damaged or Missing Shingles

If you have a shingled roof, make sure you look up once in a while to spot any damaged or missing shingles. These are the first line of defense for your roof against the elements, and any shingles that are missing or damaged can weaken the structural integrity of your roof and increase the likelihood of a leaky roof.

Damaged or Missing Flashing

Similarly, also be on the lookout for damaged or missing flashing. Flashing is the material—usually aluminum or galvanized steel—that’s used to cover roof joints to prevent leaks. Roof flashing can become damaged over time as the result of exposure to the elements, or it may fall off as the result of improper installation. In any case, contact a roof repair company as soon as you notice any section of flashing is missing or damaged to keep your roof as water-proof as possible.

Clogged Roof Vents

If you have attic access and feel comfortable doing so, check your roof vents on occasion to make sure they are not blocked. These vents help keep your attic cool. If the attic heats up too much, it can lower the performance and expected lifespan of the roof above. This can also make your home feel warmer too, which means running the air conditioner longer and higher energy bills as a result. Talk to your roofing contractor about solar powered attic fans and similar products that can help keep your attic cool.