The Benefits of a Cedar Shake Roof

If you are gearing up for a roof replacement for your home, you may want to consider installing a new cedar shake roof . Cedar shake roofing materials are incredibly durable, and will also provide your property with incredible beauty and appeal. To get the most out of your cedar roof installation, it is a great idea to work with top rated roofing contractors near Redmond. Your roofing professionals can answer all of the questions that you may have about roofing materials, and they can also design and install the quality roof of your dreams. Read on for an overview of some of the fantastic benefits of a cedar shake roof. cedar - roof - installation

Weather Resistance

One of the top benefits of a cedar shake roof is that this type of roofing is incredibly resistant to damage from weather and the elements. Cedar contains unique natural properties that make this type of wood incredibly weather resistant. Even if your roof is exposed to intense UV rays, extreme cold, or harsh rains, your cedar shakes will remain intact.

Easy Installation

Along with being incredibly resistant to damage from the weather, cedar shake is also very easy to install. Since cedar has a fine, straight grain, this type of wood will be easy for your roofer to saw into the appropriate shake pattern. Additionally, you can also choose pre shaped shakes that have already been formed. When you choose a cedar shake roof for your home, your new roof will be ready in no time.

Architectural Appeal

A final benefit of a cedar shake roof is that this type of roofing will add dramatic curb appeal to your property. As you are creating your custom cedar shake roof design, you will have the option of selecting a variety of stains and finishes for your new roof. Whether you are seeking a rustic roof, or would like to have a new roof that is more refined in appearance, cedar shake can be adapted to match your requirements.