The Importance of Shingle Granules

Roof shingles protect the structural elements of your roof from rain, sunlight exposure, and wind. Since the quality of your roofing materials can drastically impact the lifespan and safety of your roof, it is necessary to be on the lookout for the signs of shingle damage. Missing shingle granules are among the top signs that your roofing materials need to be replaced. Your roofing contractors near Redmond can provide you with detailed information about why shingle granules are so important.

Shingle granules are tiny pieces of fiberglass that are adhered to the surface of the shingle, itself. These granules are responsible for protecting the shingle and making sure that the roof is resistant to fire damage. Granules also serve a style function, as the size and color of the granules can affect the final look of a roofing installation. When your shingle granules begin to fall off, your roof may be at risk of experiencing serious damage.

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