Exploring the Different Components of a Roof

While your home’s roof may seem like it is a single, solid structure, your roof is actually made up of a series of layers and systems. By getting to know the different functions of your roofing materials and components, you will be able to identify roof repair problems before they become serious. Roofing companies in Redmond can perform a variety of roof maintenance and repair procedures, including inspections, single replacement, and gutter cleaning. To help you gain a better understanding of how your roof works, let’s review some of the most important components that make up your home’s roof. roof - installation


When a roofer constructs a new roof for a home, he will start by laying out the decking. Decking is typically constructed from composite wood materials, such as plywood. Your roof’s decking provides the structural framework for the rest of its components.


Wind and rain resistance is an important feature of any roof. In order to help make sure that your roof is completely sealed against the elements, your roofers will install a product called underlayment on the surface of your decking. Underlayment is crafted from a combination of durable paper and asphalt. Once the underlayment has been installed, your roof will offer the ideal surface for your shingle installation.

Eave Flashing

During a roof building project, your roofers will want to make sure that the most vulnerable parts of your roof receive extra protection. After the underlayment has been installed, eave flashing will be placed over the edges and eaves of the roof. When it rains or snows, the eave flashing will direct water away from these vulnerable areas.


Roofing shingles are the most easily identifiable component of a roof. When you are designing a new roof for your home, you will have the option of choosing new asphalt, wood, or tile shingles. After your shingles have been nailed in place by your roofer, your roof will have a durable and weather-resistant outer layer that will protect your home for years.