Important: What to Expect During Your Roof Replacement

If you take a look at your cedar shake roof and decide that it’s time for a roof replacement near Redmond , there are some factors that you should consider. First, you should talk to your roofing contractor and schedule an inspection and consultation to find out if roof replacement is indeed the service that you need. If it is, you can then work together to come up with a design for your roof, and the professionals will take down your existing roof and begin to install your new one. Be sure to take this time to discuss your drainage options so you can avoid problems like mold growth and water damage. Continue reading to see what to expect during your roof replacement. roof - inspection

Professional Inspection

Before you get started with a roof replacement, you should make sure that your existing roof is beyond repair. This can be a difficult judgement call to make if you are not experienced in the roofing industry, so call your professional contractor for an evaluation. If he or she determines that your current roof is at or nearing the end of its working life, it’s probably time to start talking about what you want your replacement to look like.

Design and Installation

From color schemes and design elements to the actual materials that go into your roof, there is much to talk about when arranging for a replacement. You can talk to your contractor for advice in deciding what kinds of materials will best suit your needs and those of your family and household. Once you have come up with a design that you are happy with, your contractors can take your old roof off and put the new one up.

Establishing Proper Drainage

The way your roof handles moisture is crucial for the sanitation and safety of your home. When your contractors come to handle your roof replacement, be sure to discuss drainage. Proper drainage will remove rainwater from the roof and send it to a safe place where it won’t lead to water damage. Poor drainage can damage your roof and contribute to aesthetic and functional damage.